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Stepping Stones and Mountain Tones:

Welcome to Mountain Tones!

This is my Mountain Hiking and High Country Adventure Journal, here you will be able to see the all the places that I have visited, the climbs and hikes that I have had the joy and pleasure of doing.  You will mee t the people that I have either been hiking with and some of the people that I have run into along the way.

My first hike after coming back fro Florida, with some friends from Flatirons Church. Nov. 2014. Mesa Trails, Boulder, CO.

Just a few weeks after returning home from Florida, I met up with some friends from my home church; Flatirons Community Church, and we for a hike here at Mesa Trails in Boulder, CO. Novenber 2014.  The day was really nice, it was a bout 60-degrees, clear, and just a great day to unwind with some friends. The hike was only about 3.7 miles round trip.  But we took a few hours just to hang out, and enjoy nature.  Afterwards, we went to Boulder Brewery for lunch.  Great Day!   

June 8, 2019

Green Mountain via Ranger & Saddle Rock Loop, at Gregory Canyon Boulder, CO.

We started out about 9am and drove up to Gregory Canyon in Boulder, Colorado, which  is just passed Chautaqua Park.  We got there about 10am and got started up the Trail on Ranger &Saddle Rock Loop. The climb was kind of rough going, especially after we got about 2/3 of the way up, my left knee locked up.  I thought about just calling it quits and try to make it back down.  But after resting for about 10 minutes and even though Sebastian, my hiking buddy, being the good and caring friend that he is, would have followed me back down.  But, when I decided to keep going because I wanted to make it to the Peak, he encouraged me all the way up to the Peak, where we sat and took in fresh air and watched a few Chipmonks playing around, and visiting with other hikers, and had a snack, rehydrated, and then headed back down.  The trip down was just as rough on me because my knee was pretty much swollen and hurting like crazy, and it started raining, which really started to suck.  We did make it back down before the rain really let loose. The whole hike was about 7.9 miles round trip, with an ascent of 2,305 ft to an elevation of 8,099 ft. with a maximum grade of 31-degrees incline.  There were a lot of Staircase inclines and switchbacks, all-in-all it was still a really great hike, even with a bum knee.

You can go on and type in Green Mountain and you can see more photos of the trail.